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My HTPC bulid - low cost

PoslaťNapísal: 26 Nov 2013, 21:01
od forumadmin
My HTPC Budget build.

My aim was to build a HTPC for Openelec and for Windows 8 and place it under my TV in my living room to play movies and music from my NAS.
I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible for the moment.

Components Setup

MB - Asrock E351M - 53 EURO (alternatively Asrock produces this same MB with USB 3.0 but it's much more expensive)
RWM - Kingston KVR1333 2G*2 DDR3- 20 EURO
ODD - Sony Optiarc Slim AD-7760 - 15 EURO
HDD - 250G/5400 rpm - 37 EURO
Case - CFI A6719TG - 26 EURO
Pico PSU - 13 EURO
Any 12V 5A Adapter from - 5 EURO (e-bay)
Microsoft remote clone - 12 EURO (e-bay)

Prices are approximate and without VAT.
The hard drive is from old Lenovo laptop, so it cost me nothing.

Here are some pics of the build:

Pico PSU mod
I tried to keep the adapter in the case, but it was too hot in there, so I decided to leave it outside.
A little case-modding was needed...

Some test results


Openelec menu broswing - fluent with Aeon Nox skin.
Openelec fullHD video playback - fluent, no lags.
Windows 8 - VLC Player fullHD video playback - fluent, no lags.
Windows 8 - Firefox, Opera, IExplorer 1080p youtube video playback - fluent, occasional lags.
Tested with a high bitrate fullHD video.

Things to do in the future

Switch to SSD hard drive, waiting to get some small but really cheap one
Switch to Blu-Ray Combo drive
Add Microsoft remote keyboard or similar.

+ Cheap
+ Works great with all movie and audio types I need to play
+ The case has great finish, no dust or scratches or fingerprints visible(except of the plastic parts)
+ Runs Windows 8 well with good performance
+ Can be used to play older 3D games with AMD Radeon VGA on board
+ All kind of video output connectors(VGA, DVI, HDMI)
+ Digital audio outputs, optical as well

- No WiFi on board
- No space for internal Card reader

Comments and questions welcome